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2024-05-25 07:13:54
I like him so much

2024-05-25 07:12:28
hi i like you

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2024-05-23 10:27:11
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2024-05-23 02:06:10
Honestly, it makes the sex so much fucking hotter because I know he’s cheating, but it’s also revenge sex for him, and his cock is so fucking good. I don’t know her girlfriend that well, at best we are aquantices. Every time he fucks me he degrades me so hard in bed, but at the same time screams at me that my pussy is way better and why tighter than he girlfriend, and I keep making him say that I’m better and he keeps doing it. We’ve been getting pretty freaky, and the next thing I’m gonna do is have him fuck one of my good friends soon and have a threesome. I’m gonna give him the best sexual experiences of his life that his bitch girlfriend could only dream of.

2024-05-23 02:04:12
I am a collector. I don't collect stamps or anything but pictures of the girlfriends of my girlfriend. These are no normal pictures, but nade photos or photos in underwear.

It all started when my girlfriend got a really nice and expensive camera for christmas. She made some awesome photo albums and she even made some nude photos for me for my birthday. Afterwards she told me that a friend of hers helped her making them.

She didn't tell me that her friend made nude photos, too.

I found them some day on her computer and I immediately copied the treasure. :-)

Over the time, more and more friends of my girlfriends came to her and asked her to do some photos. So I was able to copy down every one of those photos. Of course without my girlfriend knowing. ;-)

So far I was able to collect over 680 photos of her girlfriends. And I guess I am obsessed with it. Those photos are my treasure and I want more!

2024-05-23 02:02:43
Married and always straight. But yesterday at the beach my eyes caught a young hot lady tanning with a too small and somewhat sheer bottom that boldly pronounced her toe. I felt tingles and wetness. Why I cannot figure. Today I am alone and masturbating thinking of sexing with her. I need help. All of a sudden I have this new curiousity

2024-05-23 02:01:19
I hooked up with this plastic girl. I call her plastic because she has had work done everywhere. Fake tits, fake ass, fake lips, her whole face looks like it’s been pulled back. I’m 24, she is 38. We met at a club, exchanged numbers, and weeks later we met up. It was a lonely horny night and her fake body was just so sexy in my mind. We met up, I played with her plastic body, and the sex was incredible. Kissing her lips felt like kissing rubber but it was still hot in the moment. The best day I felt a mix of regret and joy. Like I’m happy I was able to have sex with this big booty, plastic toy, but I realized I had sex with someone who wasn’t even real. Like she did so much work she is probably unrecognized compared to her natural body. I know it shouldn’t matter because ass is ass but I’m an over thinker.